The following soul healing practice is a way to positively transform memories. I found the use of this practice to be quite beneficial in my personal experience which I will share below. But first a brief synopsis of the practice.


When you notice or become aware of any painful feelings and thoughts arising from the depths of your soul, investigate the origins. Ensure you are in a place where you feel safe and have minimal to no distractions as you explore your internal state. It is recommended that you already practice some type of mindfulness, meditation, and/or diaphragmatic breathing prior to applying this practice in order to ground yourself, so you can tolerate painful feelings and/or any physiological reactions associated with memories.

If you find the feelings and thoughts are associated with a painful memory, enter the memory, but rather than pushing it back into the darkness; flood the memory with love and light both with imagery and with all your senses. If the memory involves violence or abuse, I suggest take cleansing breaths, ground yourself utilizing your own unique practice, and encase yourself with love, light, and protection.

The resolution of your memory may have different thoughts and feelings than the example provided below. Even if the memory has a little less pain associated with it, I believe it is a success. You can continue to work on it in order to completely “re-file” it with love and light.

Note this practice requires your readiness to heal and to release attachment to pain (guilt, shame, unworthiness, anger, etc.). If you aren’t quite ready, be gentle and patient with yourself and try it another time.


My teen daughter left for a school event to be away for two nights. I was feeling a lot of anxiety and fear about her leaving on this trip as if something “bad” would happen. As I stood in my kitchen, I decided to explore these feelings. I asked myself, “are these feelings and thoughts surfacing solely for this event?” I answered “No” and went deeper. “Ah yes, I remember this”. I felt this when I dropped my late husband off to his military unit in the early morning of March 2004 for his deployment to Iraq.

This original memory was filed with painful feelings and fear-based thoughts because my husband did not return home the way we wanted him to return. He was killed in action. At this point, I had a choice to either push the memory back down into the darkness or to flood it with love. So I entered the memory with some resistance, but decided to stay with it.

I saw him standing there in his Desert uniform smiling at me. And rather than approaching him with extreme sadness and fear, I embraced him filled with deep love. Holding him tightly with joy as if our embrace was radiating beams of golden and white light. I repeated “I love you” over and over again. And said goodbye bursting with love rather than sadness and fear.

The memory naturally faded and was re-filed with love and NOT pain. I realized my daughter’s trip was a trigger for this memory to be healed. And even now when I recall this memory it comes forward with love and actual joy rather than pain and loss.

Thank you for another opportunity for healing, expansion, and soul elevation.

The purpose of this blog is to share with you how I integrate my professional mental health experience, personal experience, and spiritual awareness in the form of soul healing practices. By sharing my experience, it is my hope it will provide a practical example of how to interrupt and eventually resolve the cyclic energy of suffering and to elevate your soul. 

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The soul healing practices provided in this blog are meant as a tool to aid in healing and not for psychotherapy or social work practice requiring a contractual, professional relationship. If you need consistent therapeutic care and/or crisis intervention due to being at risk of harming yourself or others, then seek professional and/or emergency services immediately.

These practices work best when you are ready to heal and expand. It is OK if you are not quite ready. Please be gentle and patient with yourself. You will heal and expand when you are ready. Sending you so much love, warmth, and compassion.



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