Our state of mind determines are well-being. Our thoughts, health of our brain, and our connection to our sacred heart, to the divine within, determines our state of mind. The state of our mind emits energy (brainwaves) when neurons in the brain fire they release electrochemical waves or electrical impulses (Hanson & Mendius, 2009, p. 30). Our heart, minds, and spirit collectively radiate a unique energetic field. This field influences our external worlds and cycles back to us. All organisms exchange energy and matter with their environment in order to live; therefore, “the apparent wall between your body and the world is more like a picket fence” (Hanson & Mendius, 2009, p.27).

We are often unaware of our energetic influence upon external outcomes and how our energy affects other people, situations, or circumstances. We have exceptionally more power than we are willing to give ourselves credit or take responsibility. We have the ability to create suffering or peace by the type of thoughts and the amount of focus we lend to the thoughts. If we focus long enough we create thought loops with its own energetic power. The thought loops consist of patterns of thought, feelings, and behaviors associated with the thoughts, and energy that influences both the internal and the external. Basically our external worlds are a reflection of our internal well-being. “In fact, much of what you see ‘out there’ is actually manufactured ‘in here’ by your brain…” (Hanson & Mendius, 2009, p.43).

It is important to first understand the vehicle at which the mind is driving, the brain. Although the brain is a highly evolved tool, it is still imprinted with our early ancestral primitive markers. The brain is hard wired “more for avoiding than for approaching. That’s because it’s the negative experiences, not the positive ones, that have generally had the most impact on survival.” (Hanson & Mendius, 2009, p.40). Our ancestors were constantly in the practice of seeking safety. They focused significantly on negative experiences out of necessity, which strengthened these neural pathways over time.

In current times, if we experience any negative experience or a traumatic event, then it is likely these dormant primitive imprints become activated. Of course, if a real threat to our life or physical well-being exists, then our brain does its brilliant work of seeking safety by activating our sympathetic nervous system of fight, flight, or freeze. It is then up to us, to help the body recover and heal by redirecting our focus once the threat has passed.

If we haven’t learned to discipline or tame our minds we may get stuck in the perpetual cycle of feeling threatened creating negative thought loops which may lead to suffering. Although, pain, negative emotions and thinking, and unpleasant body sensations do offer a strong signal that your whole being (mind, body, heart, and spirit) is out of balance, it is problematic when these become chronic.

If this imbalance occurs, then the state of well-being may be too inhibited (numb) or overly aroused (overwhelmed) (Hanson & Mendius, 2009, p.32). Even in the absence of a real threat to life or physical well-being, this cycle can be triggered and manifested in numerous forms when we feel rejected, disrespected, and/or abandoned generating self-limiting, pessimistic, and distorted thoughts with associated feelings of fear, anxiety, anger, irritability, sorrow, depression, guilt, and/or shame. The nature of the brain and mind when undisciplined or untamed “highlights past losses and failures, it downplays present abilities, and it exaggerates future obstacles” (Hanson & Mendius, 2009, p.42) rooted in primitive imprints and human conditioning. All in the name of survival and protection based upon memories rather than real threats.

It all sifts down to what we focus on which strengthens certain neural pathways and networks creating patterns and habits while weakening others. The untamed mind tends to hold on to suffering longer than it’s needed. For example, in relationships it can take five positive events to overcome the effects of a single negative event (Hanson & Mendius, 2009, p.41). It certainly takes practice and patience to refocus and retrain our brain in order to strengthen more positive neural networks. The condition of our mind and heart helps the brain maintain balance amongst all systems.

Our focus attracts and resonates at similar levels of our external environment. Various thoughts with associated feelings such as joy, love, peace, frustration, anger, or sadness resonate or vibrate on different energetic frequencies. If the thought loop becomes a pattern due to our consistent focus, then we resonate with other people and circumstances that have similar thought loops and energy. The issue lies then the quality of the thought loop. Keeping in mind negative thought loops are generated from fear and a sense of lack rather than from love and abundance.

At our state of evolution, it is time to heal our minds even from residual ancestral trauma. It is a matter of taking our power back by mastering negative experiences with objective discernment and prohibiting our brain from defaulting to a negative thought loop. We have the power and the ability to interrupt negative patterns and strengthen more benevolent neural pathways and networks. We have the power to retrain our brain thus transforming and liberating our mind. This will clear the way to reconnect with our heart, inner knowing, the Divine within.


It can be as simple as bringing the light of awareness to our thinking which lessens the negative thought loop’s intensity and will possibly be enough to resolve the loop. This awareness gives us a choice to continue OR to interrupt and stop the loop with Truth. It takes gentle curiosity and investigating into our thinking to uncover the thoughts and feelings fueling the negative thought loop.

If the light of awareness does not fully resolve the negative thought loop, then incorporating a variety of healing modalities may be beneficial to regain balance. Healing modalities may include: repeating positive intentions and affirmations and/or self-empowering thoughts; surrendering burdens to a higher source, God, or whatever resonates with your spiritual beliefs; loving behaviors such as smiling, laughing, embracing; deep diaphragmatic breathing; meditation to include violet flame mediation, energetic cord cutting, or inner child healing meditations; forgiveness; and/or prayer. All of which activates the parasympathetic nervous system signaling our body it’s safe to rest, reconnect with our heart and our inner knowing, and for the mind to be clear of that which does not serve our highest potential. Please see my previous blog posts for more information regarding the majority of these healing modalities or you may consult the internet for any of the specific meditations mentioned.

These energetic concepts may be further clarified through example. If you are feeling jealous or envious of someone or circumstance, then become aware of the type of thoughts swirling in your mind. The nature of the thoughts may include, but not limited to: “I don’t want her to succeed”; “I’m not as lucky as her”; “I always have to work hard and she doesn’t”; or “I never get what I want”, etc. You may not realize the actual power of your thoughts and their energetic influence upon the other person’s and your own outcome. Your influence may place self-doubt and fear in the other person’s mind and emotional body causing delays or even negative outcomes. This will affect you because you just indebted yourself to heal a negative situation you contributed in causing. You will most likely encounter a similar situation with an opportunity for healing, but roles may be reversed where someone is emitting their envious and jealous energy onto to you.

In this example, it is crucial to become aware of your thoughts with compassion. Challenge the truth of the thoughts and identify a more benevolent, realistic thought. Please see my previous blog post, “The Art of Disentangling Your Mind”, for a more detailed explanation of this healing tool. Utilize energetic cord cutting, inner child meditation (if thoughts are rooted from upbringing or ancestral heritage), and/or violet flame mediation to further clear your energy.

Likewise, if you know someone who is envious or jealous of you, then it is helpful to utilize energetic cord cutting and to forgive yourself for past times you’ve been envious or jealous. Finally, cleansing with a violet flame meditation and imaging a field of golden, white light protecting you should dissipate and resolve the negative energy from your energetic field.

It’s about coming to peace within ourselves so that we do not unconsciously or subconsciously create negative thought loops that affect and influence others, thus ourselves. Learning to take responsibility for our creation, but most importantly realizing our power as co-creators.



I am releasing an old paradigm that I have to work for an employer, work long hours, and have a substantial income to be considered successful. Ever since I resigned from my previous job to pursue creative endeavors, I’ve been struggling with this old belief. It’s been a constant buzz in my energetic field that I should be “working” rather than being home compiling my collection of poems, publishing my poems, writing these blogs, and developing a workshop. All of which is being accomplished on MY time rather than an employer’s time.

I thought I had released this judgment of myself, but realized I’m still carrying that my current creative endeavors are not an acceptable form of “success” because I’m not earning a substantial income as of yet. It showed up with a recent conversation with someone.

This person made a comment towards another person who he felt didn’t work often and said, “well I go to work all day”. As if the person he was referring to did not work enough. After our conversation, his comments stayed with me into the next day. I began to feel anger towards him for judging someone so harshly who in his perspective is not “working all day”. So I thought, why is this bothering me when it seemed it wasn’t about me?

After compassionate investigation into my thinking, I realized I was still carrying the belief I should be “working all day” to be considered successful or productive. The conversation and my limiting belief triggered my primitive imprints and human conditioning of the possibility of not being accepted by this person or society at large. The energy of this thought loop and judgment of myself actually manifested someone with the same belief who was judging someone else harshly. I CREATED that loop, and pulled someone into my energetic field who reflected it back to me.

It was so liberating once I brought the light of awareness to the negative thought loop. This awareness provided a choice to either keep it OR to go within to heal and to change the thought loop to a more benevolent energy supporting myself and my environment. The negative thought loop was actually hindering my success by anchoring my energy in a sense of lack rather than love and abundance.

Upon clearing the negative energy with awareness, I remembered the reason I stepped away from my last job. It is to pursue my life purpose of serving others by expressing my authentic and creative self, sharing my life experience, and helping others awaken to their own Truth, all the while trusting my own needs will be taken care of with abundance in every form.


I belong to a neighborhood notification website and there was a message stating someone had seen a black cat and suggested the owner should come to get the cat. After viewing several of the replies, someone suggested if the cat is friendly to pick it up. Well, I have a black cat who I adore and he is an indoor/outdoor cat, so I decided to reply for fear someone would take my cat if the cat they saw was indeed him.

After I replied stating the cat could possibly be mine with other details, I began to worry. I started to worry they would judge me for allowing my cat to go outside. In response to the worry, I began to rehearse in my mind what my reply would be to a potential conflict of others opposing my decision for allowing my cat to go outside with all the risks.

I thought, “Wow!”, I’m generating all of these thoughts assuming conflict would be coming my way. But why? This simple exchange of words was triggering my primitive mind and human conditioning of potential conflict and a possibility of not being accepted by my neighbors. Furthermore, I pondered why I am trying to create something I don’t desire? I knew if I continued to focus on these thoughts, then I may create the very situation I was worrying about due to the focused energy I was releasing.

So I paused and thought. This is actually a healing and growth opportunity. I was trying to create something in the external to heal something in the internal. I was worrying of a stranger’s judgement and perception of me, but obviously there is a part of me that I judged harshly and perceive myself as possibly not a good cat owner for allowing him to go outside. I needed to come to terms and accept my decision for letting him be an indoor/outdoor cat.

After contemplation why it is the best decision for my cat to continue to go outside, I surrendered the decision to Spirit and expected the best outcome to be of peace and ease. My mind did try to pull me back into the previous negative thought loop. With compassion for the workings of my mind, I knew my ego was only trying to protect me with a desire to be accepted and to be prepared for a potential conflict, but it didn’t realize the situation didn’t need to be created in the first place.

I gently redirected my mind along with several deep breaths to my Truth and to the peace within. It is about fully accepting myself rather than seeking it from the external. I affirmed I do not wish to create what I’m worrying about. The negative thought loop was interrupted in time to cause no further derailment of my day or to create an unwanted external response. I did receive replies back simply thanking me for my response and other neighbors saying they enjoy his visits.

As in the previous example, bringing the light of awareness was enough to lessen the power of the thought loop and resolve it. I healed my own internal judgment and false perception within myself. From this place of peace and ease, even if I did receive an opposing reply, then I would be able to respond gracefully rather than react with defensiveness and anger.

However, if the energy of the negative thought loop persisted, then it would be my cue to go deeper and to further heal and clear the energy. My next healing modality would have been an inner child meditation. Most likely my residual concern of other’s perception of me and a desire to be accepted was rooted during childhood/upbringing and even during my ancestral heritage.

As silly as this example may sound, it is these small instances that have the potential to create havoc in our worlds.

Thank you for another opportunity for healing, expansion, and soul elevation.

The purpose of this blog is to share with you how I integrate my professional mental health experience, personal experience, and spiritual awareness in the form of soul healing practices. By sharing my experience, it is my hope it will provide a practical example of how to interrupt and eventually resolve the cyclic energy of suffering and to elevate your soul. 

These practices work best when you are ready to heal and expand. It is OK if you are not quite ready. Please be gentle and patient with yourself. You will heal and expand when you are ready. Sending you so much love, warmth, and compassion.

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The soul healing practices provided in this blog are meant as a tool to aid in healing and not for psychotherapy or social work practice requiring a contractual, professional relationship. If you need consistent therapeutic care and/or crisis intervention due to being at risk of harming yourself or others, then seek professional and/or emergency services immediately.

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Hanson, R., & Mendius, R. (2009). Buddha’s Brain: The Practical Neuroscience of Happiness, Love, & Wisdom. Oakland: New Harbinger Publications, Inc.

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