Positive affirmations are a way to raise your energetic vibration and to declare to your sacred self, to the infinite potential and power within, that you are ready for abundance, peace, and harmony, to include all you deserve. Typically, positive affirmations are statements to restore an internal balance, a way to recalibrate your mind to be in alignment with your heart, especially if your internal state lingered a bit too long in a lower state of being. This lower state can include entanglement with self-defeating, self-limiting, and distorted thoughts and beliefs. Lower vibrational thought patterns can cause havoc within you, with suffering not far behind.

Although, in my opinion, all experiences are valid (the dark, the light) for absolute soul growth and expansion, especially when these contrasting energies reintegrate into the whole or your soul’s harmony, into the oneness within you. Sometimes these lower energies naturally take their course and eventually return to the whole, like falling leaves from a tree, but often we get attached to the suffering, leaving little to no room for its opposite to be present, not allowing our leaves to fall. Affirmations whether general or specific are a way to restore the soul’s harmony, to tip the internal scales back to balance, and to return flowing with the soul’s current and cycles.

If you need additional assistance in identifying lower vibrational thoughts/beliefs, as well as, higher vibrational affirmations, visit my previous blog post, The Art of Disentangling Your Mind.


It is important for the affirmation to be in the present tense as if it is already happening. It is also important to choose affirmations that resonate with your soul, so you feel the energetic shift. Affirmations may be specific, but broad enough so you don’t unintentionally attach too tightly to the specifics of an outcome which can easily tip the internal scales to a lower vibrational state of being. For example, affirmations may include: it is safe to love and to be loved, I am free to love, it is safe to create, I am free to create, I create my best life ever, I am confident, strong, empowered, it is safe to speak my truth, I am free to speak my truth, I am the voice of sacred divine truth. You may add a little more detail to the affirmation such as: it is safe to create, I am free to create, I create an inspiring blog (something you are creating such as art, a book, a business, music, a baby, etc).

Another tip to fueling these affirmations with more power, is to open your heart as you practice the affirmation. I personally found practicing affirmations without actually opening my heart had little to no effect. Opening your heart means truly feeling the energy of the affirmation as if it is already true, an energy of empowerment, freedom, and love, vibrating through your entire being. The energy may be felt as body sensations or feelings of empowerment, stability, unconditional love or perhaps you see a specific image or visualization in your mind’s eye.

The idea is to genuinely feel the affirmation cascading down from your mind to your heart, as you feel your heart and chest expand, leading the energy all the way down to your feet and beyond. A helpful imagery to generate this feeling is to imagine a bright golden, white light shining above your head and down through the crown of your head to your feet carrying the affirmation through your mind, heart, body, and soul. Other ways to open your heart may include techniques such as deep/diaphragmatic breathing into your heart center, other types of positive imagery, gratitude, prayer, meditation, or memories when you felt alive, empowered, or full of joy. Again, the idea is not only to think the affirmation, but to authentically feel the affirmation in your entire being.

It is also effective to add an end statement to the affirmation such as: “so may it be done” or “so it is” and then release it to your higher source. The end statement can be anything of your choosing just as long as it provides a sense of empowerment and self-love. The statement provides an extra exclamation point at the end of the affirmation. I found it also reminds my mind to stand down so my heart may fully expand declaring unconditional love for self. If you ruminate or worry about the outcome of the affirmation, then you may hinder the manifestation of the affirmation, by slowing or detouring its progress.

The last note, it is important to experiment with the soul healing practice so it truly resonates with your soul. Don’t hesitate to change or refine it, sometimes numerous times, until it feels right for you.


I’ve been working on the following affirmations: “I am worthy of abundance in every form because I am love” and “My dreams and desires have come true! with balance, harmony, ease, and protection”. I did notice, however, as I practiced these affirmations there was a part of me blocking the energy from expanding. Most likely as you may have learned through my previous blog posts, the block is due to a core belief of unworthiness. I decided to add the statement “so may it be done”.

With the aid of the golden, white light imagery, I felt the affirmation cascading through my entire being. By adding the end statement, I immediately felt a sense of empowerment and self-respect dispelling the victim role.

By restoring my power, I provided myself unconditional love and demonstrated to my source energy, to my sacred self, that I’m truly ready for all I deserve and more. The affirmation will in turn provide unconditional love not only for me, but for others as well. We are energetic beings and when our vibration elevates, it emanates outward to others.

Thank you for another opportunity for healing, expansion, and soul elevation.

The purpose of this blog is to share with you how I integrate my professional mental health experience, personal experience, and spiritual awareness in the form of soul healing practices. By sharing my experience, it is my hope it will provide a practical example of how to interrupt and eventually resolve the cyclic energy of suffering and to elevate your soul. 

These practices work best when you are ready to heal and expand. It is OK if you are not quite ready. Please be gentle and patient with yourself. You will heal and expand when you are ready. Sending you so much love, warmth, and compassion.

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The soul healing practices provided in this blog are meant as a tool to aid in healing and not for psychotherapy or social work practice requiring a contractual, professional relationship. If you need consistent therapeutic care and/or crisis intervention due to being at risk of harming yourself or others, then seek professional and/or emergency services immediately.

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