We’ve all done a good job manifesting the negative and the lower energies, darkness that may follow. It’s been in our nature since the beginning of time. Most negativity is rooted in fear. Our primitive brains have been hardwired to a bias of negativity out of survival. However, we for the most part do not have the same dangers in our environment as our earliest ancestors such as avoiding being killed by predators or surviving in austere environments. We still need the function of the primitive brain to keep us safe from real, legitimate threats to our health and well-being. Ideally, when the threat passes our brains return to a balanced mind.

It becomes a problem when our mind habitually defaults to the negative and stays stuck in the experience. The chronic negativity is a way for the ego’s misguided attempt to protect you from future perceived emotional harm or to make you feel significant in some way. Refer to the previous blog, “The Art of Disentangling Your Mind” (15 March 2016), for my explanation of the workings of the mind and ego.


For the purpose of this post, I will focus on a practice of flipping negative thoughts to more positive and elevated thoughts. First, it would be helpful to take inventory of the quality of your thoughts per day to determine if this practice will be beneficial. I suggest conducting a little experiment and counting how many positive thoughts you have compared to negative thoughts. If you find the negative thoughts outnumber the positive thoughts, then you most likely mastered manifesting negative and lower energy experiences. The challenge then becomes mastering another way of thinking by redirecting your focus from the negative to a more positive and elevated way of perceiving. It’s like bringing the mind’s pendulum back to a position of balance. There’s nothing to lose besides the cyclic energy of suffering.

The practice itself is fairly simple. When you become aware of a negative thought flip it. For example, a negative thought: “I don’t get what I want” may easily be flipped to: “I get what I want with balance and harmony”. Breathe in the new thought and release it with ease and peace to source energy, the universe, to spirit, to infinite potential and power, to God, OR to who or whatever you resonate as a higher source. The key upon releasing the thought on the exhale is to truly believe the thought, even if it only lasts a second. The more you practice the new thought the more opportunity you give yourself for believing it.

The practice becomes challenging when the old habitual negative thinking wants to keep a stronghold in your mind. The strategy is to loosen its grip by flooding the mind with new, more positive and elevated thought(s). Flooding your mind may include: 1) repetitively repeating the positive thought(s); 2) writing down the new thought(s) and keeping it in a place you see it often ; and/or 3) repeating the thought(s) out loud or even singing it (time in the car offers a good space for this). You may find other ways that resonate best with you as you practice.

As briefly mentioned earlier, there’s an additional step to flooding your mind. The door needs to be opened for the new thought(s) to enter. An effective way to open the door is to include deep healing, gentle breaths as you repeat, see, speak, or sing the new positive thought(s). The calm breathing cues your mind and body the new thought is from love and not from fear. It is counterproductive, to practice with a sense of anxiety, anger, or force because it gives the negativity more power. On the exhale, release the new elevated thought by expecting the best without attachment to how the outcome will look, feel, or unfold.

Often, we want to control the outcome rather than allowing it to unfold naturally and with ease. Especially, if we feel vulnerable or feel lost in uncertainty. Our ego says we don’t want to be made the fool so we anxiously try to control the situation and force the outcome, at which often times, we become the fool we fear. Not realizing by expecting the worst we energetically manifest the worst. This practice isn’t a passive approach to life and doesn’t advocate for no action. Instead, it offers taking action from a space of peace, clarity, hope, and empowerment rather than from a space of worry, fear, doubt, anxiety, or anger.

Repeat the practice until you notice the disbelief of the new thought begins to loosen and eventually falls away. Notice how your day changes due to the change in your perspective. You may find you respond to your environment with ease rather than react with dis-ease. You may experience a change in feelings from the usual mundane irritation, anger, and/or sadness. The change may actually be feeling happy, content, and at peace or the change may just be less of the negative feelings. With all these experiences, you are already manifesting more positive and elevated responses to life rather than more negative, lower reactions to life. Upon more practice, you will retrain your brain to this new way of functioning.

Watch the magic that enters your life because you’ve elevated yourself and raised your vibrational frequency. It’s time to realign with your power by realizing just how powerful you are. Take some responsibility of the negativity in your external world because it may have been created from the negativity in your internal world. We are energetic beings influencing an energetic world. When you elevate yourself and raise your vibration, positive blessings of every kind can actually come forward on the same frequency. It will not be blocked by negative, lower vibrational frequencies. Negativity will not be able to sustain for long on your higher vibration.

If you experience a lot of difficulty with the practice and/or notice no change, then it may mean your attachment to negativity is a little too tight. Keep trying with breath or just try it another day. Manifesting more balance and peace is also taking care of yourself by being patient and gentle with your healing process. If you throw up your hands or give up out of frustration and apathy, you’ve placed another barrier in front of your process of healing and expansion. Therefore, it will be another barrier to disarm and remove. Even if you notice less negativity throughout the day, you are manifesting more positive in your life, thus bringing the pendulum back to center.


I woke feeling unrested and tired. The negativity quickly settled in like a dense fog as I maneuvered through my morning routine. I noticed thoughts like: “When will things go my way?”. I felt angry during my run and gave dirty looks to drivers passing me above the speed limit. Knowing my current state of mind was not helpful to either myself or others, I listened to a meditation on manifestation after my run. At first I listened to the guidance with some resistance, like what’s the point? I thought “screw it”, might as well try something different. I decided to conduct an experiment for the day by flipping negative thoughts to positive thoughts.

The first thoughts that came forward were: “I was vulnerable and reached out for love to have no response once again”, which led to a familiar negative belief: “I’m unworthy of love”. I noticed the effects of these thoughts on my body such as a heavy pressure near my heart, sinking feeling in my gut, shoulders rounded forward, and head down. I flipped the negative thought to: “I took a risk and shared love”, breathing it in and out with ease and calm. I then noticed my head literally lifted and shoulders moved back causing my heart space to open and widen my sacral area. I felt aligned, lighter, and complete. As if Spirit in that moment offered me the love I perceived was missing in my life. I felt a temptation to worry about or doubt the outcome of the new positive thought rather than expecting the best. I vowed to trust the process so the positivity may cultivate without hindrance from invasive negative thoughts.

I took the practice one step further by flipping the other negative belief: “I’m unworthy of love”. Immediately, I felt excitement and joy, but with a tinge of heaviness and disbelief. This would be the thought I needed to practice throughout the day. I flooded my mind with the thought: “I am worthy of love”. I repetitively repeated the thought, keeping vigilant of how my mind and body responded to the practice, especially when I was aware of a familiar sinking feeling (negativity) poking its sly head.

The results of the experiment were as follows: 1) felt expansive in my chest with each breath massaging and caressing my heart and lungs; 2) improved posture aligned with Spirit prompting increased confidence; 3) felt strong and supported with peaks of joy; 4) wrote this blog with a sense of purpose from a space of joy, service, and love; 5) felt armed with a mind shield against habitual negative thoughts; 6) kept me in the present moment with a clear mind and heart, rather than being lost in worry or doubt (fertile grounds for more negative thoughts); and 7) noticed strangers were authentically kinder to me and I genuinely offered the same in return.

My day unfolded with more ease, clarity, and purpose. I responded from a space of peace and felt liberated from the cyclic energy of suffering. It is not just a one-day experiment and will need to be implemented often in order to interrupt and overcome the pattern of habitual negative thinking. However, I feel empowered to take back control of my mind and manifest more balance!

Thank you for another opportunity for healing, expansion, and soul elevation.

The purpose of this blog is to share with you how I integrate my professional mental health experience, personal experience, and spiritual awareness in the form of soul healing practices. By sharing my experience, it is my hope it will provide a practical example of how to interrupt and eventually resolve the cyclic energy of suffering and to elevate your soul. 

These practices work best when you are ready to heal and expand. It is OK if you are not quite ready. Please be gentle and patient with yourself. You will heal and expand when you are ready. Sending you so much love, warmth, and compassion.

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